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Cusco: Coporaque and Pomate unblock access and exit routes from Las Bambas (PHOTOS)

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Cusco: Coporaque and Pomate unblock access and exit routes from Las Bambas (PHOTOS)

Last Friday morning, the roads used by MMG Las Bambas, for the transport of minerals and logistics, in the provinces of Espinar and Paruro respectively, were unblocked by the community members who kept them occupied, this after meetings and dialogue tables .

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The inhabitants of the so-called 21 original communities of Coporaque in the province of Espinar, had resumed the blockade of the Southern Mining Corridor, in demand of 20 agricultural tractors that ask the MMG Las Bambas mining company, as part of a social-environmental compensation, for the damages that they assure their trucks cause when passing through the place.

Finally, and after a meeting, an agreement was reached that the mining company will deliver two agricultural tractors and one million soles this and the following year for investment projects in the area, this agreement was agreed upon in a document signed by both parties.


In the case of the peasant community of Pomate, belonging to the district of Yaurisque in Paruro, the community members agreed to set aside their demonstration for much less: a synthetic field.

According to the act signed by the communal president Sergio Huamaní, assigned manager of MMG Las Bambas Mariella Núñez and the superintendent in charge of the road for Paruro, Paul Orihuela, the blocking of the track is set aside in exchange for the construction of a synthetic field for the town of Pomate, Work to be done within 90 days.

The document also indicates that the mining company undertakes to evaluate subsequent contributions for the conclusion of an initial garden and a playground, leaving open the possibility of delivering an agricultural tractor for the improvement of agriculture in the sector.

This alternate road, used to carry personnel and other logistics to the mining company, had been taken last Tuesday, in protest against the landslide and tremors that the mine vehicles would produce when passing through the place. It should be noted that the governor of Cusco arrived in the area and stated that a geographic fault at the site would also be responsible for the earth movement, He limited that in any case he will request that the area be declared an emergency so that it can be intervened quickly.


– On the other hand, the Minem authorized MMG Las Bambas to start activities in the Chalcobamba pit for the exaction of copper concentrate with an investment of more than S/ 1,940 million in the next five years.

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