Cúcuta is still in B: List of qualified homers of the Betplay Tournament

Cúcuta is still in B: List of qualified homers of the Betplay Tournament

Ended the round robin phase in the Betplay Tournament and they are already known eight qualified teams to the home runs, the same ones who will fight for ascend to the first division, leaving for this opportunity several novelties within the table.

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Altogether they were 16 days in which the clubs were able to add points and be in the list of eight. Fortaleza and Quindío they were left with 28 units and will be the head of the group for the next phase of the tournament.

For his part, the Cúcuta Deportivo was left out after only winning six commitments, and will have to wait one more year in the second division after returning to Colombian professional soccer.

Another team that was left out was the Royal Cartagena, who had a difficult campaign in which he only managed to win four games, draw four and lose eight.

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Thus the things, the eight clubs that are within the home runs are: Fortaleza, Quindío, Atlético Huila, Barranquilla FC, Llaneros, Tigres, Boyacá Chico and Real Santander.

Phase table all against all:

1. Strength | 28 points
2. Quindio | 28 points

3. Huila | 25 points
4. Barranquilla | 25 points
5. Llaneros | 25 points
6. Tigers | 25 points
7. Boyaca Chico | 24 points
8. Royal Santander | 24 points
————————————————– —————–
9. Bogota | 23 points
10. Athletic | 28 points
11. Cucuta | 22 points
12. Lions | 21 points
13. Boca Juniors of Cali | 19 points
14. Royal Cartagena | 16 points
15. Valledupar | 9 points
16. Orosomarso | 7 points

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