Brazil: Lula responds to Bolsonaro’s criticism ahead of the second round of elections

The former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said this Friday that he sees President Jair Bolsonaro, with whom he will face in the second round of the elections on October 30, “nervous” and “irritated” and assured that he will not enter his “crawling game” .

The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) reacted to statements to the press by the current ruler in which, loudly and excitedly, he stated that his adversary has a “dirty” history and that he feels he is “alone against everyone” in his fight for re-election.

«The president is nervous, he insulted me. He has to learn a life lesson because a head of state cannot be nervous or irritated. This country needs a lot of tranquility and a lot of peace,” he said. Lulain a joint press conference with Senator Simone Tebet, third in the presidential election (4.16%).

Tebet decided to support the candidacy of Lula, who won the first round of the elections with 48.4% of the vote, compared to 43.2% obtained by Bolsonaro, leader of the Brazilian far-right.

Far from calming things down, Bolsonaro responded shortly after to those comments by the progressive leader on his social networks:

“What a head of state cannot do is steal, unfortunate!”, he exclaimed, recalling again the corruption scandals that arose in the governments of the Workers’ Party (PT).

Previously, Lula guaranteed that he will not enter the “crawling game” of the retired Army captain because his fight is against “hunger, unemployment and the country’s low educational rates.”

“We are facing a man without a soul, without a heart, who did not have the sensitivity to shed a single tear” for the nearly 700,000 deaths associated with COVID-19 in the country, he asserted.

“That he did not have the courage to visit the orphaned children” of the pandemic, “that he did not respect Brazilian laboratories, health agencies, secretaries, governors…”, he listed to denounce the president’s denial about the seriousness of the coronavirus.

Brazil: a coin toss

For his part, Tebet, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB, center-right), seconded these criticisms and lent his “full support” to Lula’s campaign, who aspires to a third term after ruling the country between 2003 and 2010.

“We have our political and economic differences, but they are infinitely smaller than what unites us,” because “what is at stake is something much greater than us,” the senator said.

Likewise, Lula agreed to include some of Tebet’s proposals in his program, including improving children’s education, ending the queues for tests and surgeries delayed by the pandemic, promoting a law of equal pay between men and women, and forming a government. plural, in case of victory.

“We are united because Brazil needs to be rebuilt and united again,” Tebet said.

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