Cuban sport hopes to “close beneficial deals” at its first International Fair

The first International Sports Fair of Havana will take place from July 31 to August 6 at the Pabexpo fairgrounds, with the aim of finding ways of financing for the development of the sector.

“We hope to close beneficial deals with income for the cuban sport”, said Yadira González, general director of the Sociedad Mercantil Cubadeportes SA, about the exhibition

Directive commented to the digital site Hit that the celebration of the event, whose name in English is Havana Sport International Trade Fair, is “an indisputably great challenge”, but he said that the organizers are working to achieve “a successful fair”.

“It is the first, the one that will open many doors to the world for us,” he said.

During the presentation of the fair this Thursday, at the Hotel Royalton Habana Paseo del Prado, González explained that the event will be dedicated to Mexico and that “exhibitors, businessmen and technicians from all sectors of the national and foreign economy will converge.”

Among the participating nations, the presence of Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic is also expected.

As part of the meeting, an investment forum will be held “to evaluate projects based on the portfolio of opportunities,” as well as “business rounds through the Cuban Chamber of Commerce,” says the report by Hit.

In addition to the national and international exhibition areas, at Pabexpo there will be an expo-sale area for the sale of products and services associated with sport. On August 5 and 6, the event will open its doors to the public.

Among the main exhibition lines, the director of Cubadeportes SA mentioned nutrition, sports equipment and clothing, tourist services, construction, repair and maintenance of facilities, and technologies and sciences applied to sports.

He also mentioned that there will be spaces dedicated to professional hiring and the arrangement of sponsorships.

With a centralized structure and under state control, Cuban sports have difficulties derived from the lack of financing, which hinder the maintenance of sports facilities, the holding of competitions and the development of athletes at the base and at other levels of the pyramid. sporty.

Faced with this situation, the authorities of the sector are looking for alternatives in tune with the new economic scenario of the country and the new forms of non-state management, with a view to promoting greater development of Cuban sports and making it more competitive at the international level.

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