Balseros Cubanos rescatados

Cuban rafters rescued in Mexico

CDMX, Mexico. – A group of eight rafters Cubans made up of six men and two women were rescued in the state of Yucatan, Mexico by the authorities of the Aztec country. The Cubans were traveling in a rustic boat.

On November 24, the National Institute of Migration (INM), in collaboration with the Mexican Navy-Navy Secretariat (SEMAR), helped migrants from the island who had been left adrift while trying to reach the United States.

According to him report officer the rescue it happened thanks to the cargo ship “Hafnia Mikala” sighted the boat. they were stranded well they had run out of propulsion.

Boat where they were traveling. (Photo: INM)

The crew of the cargo ship reported the finding to SEMAR as the first responder and after carrying out the rescue, granted the foreigners medical assistance,” the INM note indicates.

The Mexican institution adds that the eight Cubans arrived at the Puerto Progreso dock on November 25. However, “by not accrediting their regular stay in Mexican territory, the foreigners were made available to the INM Representation Office in the state of Yucatán.”

According to information from the digital portal 14ymediothe authorities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, neighbor of Yucatan, alerted about the disembarkation of 50 Cuban rafters in the last 27 days.

The most recent arrival occurred on Sunday, November 20, when 14 people were located on Isla de la Pasión, a protected natural area of ​​Cozumel surrounded by mangroves.

Rafters arrive in Mexico and the United States

On July 23, the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) rescued 21 Cuban rafters some 220 nautical miles (408 kilometers) northeast of Puerto Progreso. On that occasion, three minors, five women and 13 men, were assisted. Also in the area, last September, the Mexican Coast Guard intercepted a rustic boat with 11 Cubans on board.

The migratory crisis that Cuba is currently experiencing is the largest to date since 1959. current numbers pulverize any other preceding record and establishesno a new record, which not by chance coincides with one of the deepest economic crises suffered in the country. ANDn 2022 they will already exceed 5,400 people intercepted at sea por the US authorities.

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