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Cuban nurse: Patients are in danger due to constant blackouts

Madrid Spain.- A nurse at the Cabaiguán hospital, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, denounced how the lives of patients are in danger, because the power plant has been broken for months.

At this time when there are constant blackouts, the hospital cannot count on the plant, it is not possible to give the necessary attention to those hospitalized or to those who arrive urgently.

“Every time the power goes out, the plant shuts down and this happens more or less every 15 or 20 minutes,” said the nurse, identified in Facebook as Yasnalla Mederos.

He also specified that current is essential for patients undergoing therapy because they depend on an oxygen plant and monitors.

“Last night the power went out at 2:00 am. An emergency arrived at 4-odd in the morning. With the flashlight of the phone we did what we could. The patient passed away,” lamented Mederos.

The worker insisted that the complaint was not made for political reasons, but so that this problem “can reach any leader of this municipality or province who is really interested in the health and well-being of the people.”

After expressing that they have been reporting for some time that the hospital floor is broken and nobody cares, the nurse questioned: “Is anyone interested in the town?”

“I want you to tell me if those human lives are worth less than a handful of kilowatts, because every time this happens, people call and report it, and the answer is always the same: ‘the blackout is scheduled,'” he added.

For months, the Cuban authorities have kept reporting breakages in the thermoelectric plants, which has led to constant blackouts throughout the country, which are becoming more and more frequent. unsustainable for Cubans.

According to him Cuban governmentthe breakages are due to the fact that “the timely and necessary financing has not been available to provide the required maintenance, which was already pending, to a group of thermoelectric plants and, therefore, several systems have been collapsing.”

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