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Cuban migrants detained in Arizona

MADRID, Spain.- Agents from the Ajo Station of the United States Border Patrol detained a total of 119 migrants this weekend. Of them, 95 were Cubans and Peruvians.

The rest of the migrants were Brazilian, Guatemalan and Chilean citizens.

“In one night, the Ajo Station agents found two large groups near Lukeville, Arizona”, specifies the information shared in Twitter by Agent John R. Modlin, Tucson Sector Patrol Leader.

The last week, Agents from this same station intercepted 68 migrants, mostly Cubans, on the southern border of the United States.

Much of the operational area of ​​the Ajo Station is located in a geographically complex territory, since, for an illegal entry through that area, migrants often have to spend several days in the desert.

migration crisis

During the month of April alone, almost 35,000 Cuban migrants were detained by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CPB) Office. While in March there were 32,141, the second largest group after the Mexicans. This figure represented almost double the number intercepted in February 2022.

On April 13, it transpired that only on that day more than 300 Cubans they had crossed the Rio Grande to reach the northern country.

This migratory exodus could exceed the one that took place during Mariel in 1980, when around 125,000 Cubans arrived in the United States.

This situation has led the United States Customs and Border Protection Service to launch an initiative that seeks to educate migrants about the risks from falling into the hands of those engaged in human trafficking.

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