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Cuban government authorizes import of vacuum-packed meat

Madrid Spain.- The Cuban government authorized travelers and natural persons to enter the country with fresh vacuum-packed meats. According to a recent resolution from the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) it will also be possible to import pasteurized mature cheeses, sausages, canned seafood, fluid, evaporated and condensed milk.

The new one regulation, which aims to alleviate the economic crisis that the country is going through, specifies that the importation of “canned bovine, pork and poultry meat, duly identified and of recognized commercial brands” is allowed, as well as “fresh, frozen, dehydrated or salted meat, viscera foodstuffs, semi-finished meat products and semi-cooked, vacuum-packed products from cattle, pigs, sheep and goats”, for travelers from Spain, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

While the entry, from any country, of “canned seafood products; UHT fluid milk, condensed, evaporated, dairy desserts, pasteurized mature cheeses or made from ultra-pasteurized milk”.

The import ban on unpasteurized milk or dairy products and meats of all kinds that are not vacuum-packed is maintained.

Faced with the energy crisis that the country is going through, at the beginning of this month the Cuban regime authorized non-commercial importation of power plants with a power greater than 900 watts.

In announcing this flexibility, the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP) specified: It is allowed “temporarily, the import of power plants with a power greater than 900 watts, whose reference value in Customs exceeds the maximum value of two hundred (200) United States dollars allowed to be imported via air, sea, postal and courier shipments of a non-commercial nature”.

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