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Cuban Foreign Ministry denounces obstacles to Cuban diplomats in the United States

The Cuban Foreign Ministry denounced obstacles to Cuban diplomats in the United States, particularly those who make up the island’s mission to the United Nations Organization (UN).

Ambassador Yuri Gala López, Chargé d’Affaires ai of Cuba’s representation before the UN, “denounced before the Committee on Relations with the United Nations Host Country, the violations to which Cuban diplomats accredited before the international organization are subjected” , according to review a note from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) Posted this Wednesday.

In that international instance, Gala pointed out that the United States, as the Host Country of the international organization, applies “the Headquarters Agreement in a selective and arbitrary manner” and “abuses its condition in clear violation of the principle of sovereign equality, endorsed in the Charter of the United Nations”.

As an example of the above, he pointed out that Cuban diplomats accredited to the global entity and their families “have been arbitrarily imposed a policy of movement restrictions, which constitutes an obstacle to the proper performance of their duties.”

“The Organization cannot be complicit in the repeated breaches of the Host Country to the detriment of the Charter, the Headquarters Agreement, the 1975 Convention on Privileges and Immunities and other international instruments,” the ambassador quoted by the Foreign Ministry said.

In addition, Gala referred to the “discriminatory treatment” in the issuance of visas by the United States “in relation to some member states”, which were not specified in the MINREX note. On this matter, the diplomat said that it is “a violation that not only hinders the work of the Organization, but also makes it impossible for the delegations to exercise their functions in equal conditions.”

It is not the first time that the Cuban Foreign Ministry has made complaints about difficulties in the work of its officials and diplomatic headquarters in US territory. In addition, the Cuban authorities have also lamented obstacles and denials of visas for athletes and other official representatives of the Island to events in the northern country, as well as the restrictions on consular procedures in general imposed by the Trump Administration.

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