Padre cubano pide medicamentos para su hijo con cáncer: “Grito con lágrimas en los ojos”

Cuban father asks for medicine for his son with cancer: “I scream with tears in my eyes”

CDMX, Mexico-. “Few of the experiences that we can live are so stressful, desperate and endowed with brutal importance as having a sick child with a special and difficult condition,” Raúl González wrote on his Facebook page. The Cuban requested help for his son, César de Jesús González, a cancer patient who does not have the medicine on which his life depends.

González desperately asked for two of the medicines that the young need and there is none in the country. These are dacarbazine and cyclophosphamide. The first is the one that has the ideal treatment scheme. Raúl explains that both are cytostatic serums, required by patients with this serious disease.

The Cuban, who according to his networks lives in Santiago de Cuba, described the impotence he feels at not being able to do anything else for his son. He also recounted how desperate it is to need something so basic without receiving a response from the health system.

“What anyone in the world can at least access and we cannot because there is none in this entire country: cancer treatment,” said Raúl González in Facebook.

Given the inability of the state to provide essential medicines, this father went to the networks to request help from anyone.

“Today my cry is up to the sky. My cry is for life, and I ask that every person who is able to contribute a grain of sand help me. I know it’s not easy, but maybe someone will manage to do it with a little more effort, thinking that their bit will save a young man with an immense desire to live, and a father who shouts from the four winds. Do something for my son. I am desperate,” he stated.

So far, his publication has been shared more than two thousand times and more than a thousand Cubans have commented on it. Among the messages of encouragement, other users also denounce the precariousness of the health system.

Bárbara Rodríguez from Villa Clara affirmed: “every day this is getting worse”. Then the Cuban mother asked: “Where is the medical power of Cuba? Where? It is very sad to see how a son goes out to that father like a candle. What a great desperation one lives. It’s all in general. We can go hungry, need, but already seeing a family member who dies and who is not treated in hospitals, is the last thing”.

It is increasingly common for publications by Cubans who go to social networks to ask for medicines for themselves or their relatives.

Given the shortage in pharmacies, nationals have had to manage to access the treatments they need. Groups that manage donations, exchanges have appeared on the networks. On the other hand, they are also sold in the informal market at exorbitant prices. But not all treatments appear. The most select must be ordered abroad.

In the case of Raúl, he has resorted to this call for help as his last option.

“Many days remain ahead in the process in which my son will have his complete healing, but these treatments will be vital in it, for which I ask that you intercede for my son’s health, because it is getting out of hand to be able to obtain my own means this treatment. So I scream, with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat that cannot be untied: Help me!

César in the hospital (Photo taken from his social networks)

This is not the first time that César, Raúl’s son, has suffered the disaster of the Cuban health system.

Just last November 30, the young man wrote on his networks: “I need a friend, family member, brother, or anyone with a desire to help someone who is desperate and hitting rock bottom with the negligence of this country. Damn help me

“Right now I am without medical attention, and it has been more than 24 hours since they gave me medicines that have been vital for me. I don’t need me to donate medicines, it’s not that there aren’t any (the Hospital has them). What is not there is medical attention. Please, where do I have to shout”, wrote the young man who now does not have the required treatment.

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