Yasser Quesada, uno de los ganadores cubanos en el inicio de la 44 Olimpiada de Ajedrez. Foto: Calixto Llanes / Jit.

Cuban chess champion exceeds 2600 Elo for the first time

The chess player Yasser Quesada, the current Cuban national champion, surpassed 2600 Elo points for the first time in the most recent world ranking, to confirm himself as the leader among the Cuban chess players who represent the island.

Quesada added six units in December and now appears with 2604 Elo in the list of the International Chess Federation (Fide), corresponding to January 2023, but published at the end of December.

In this way, the man from Villa Clara became the twelfth Cuban player to surpass that barrier, a list inaugurated by the legendary José Raúl Capablanca, according to review the digital site Hit.

Yasser remained at 2,598 points between October and December, but was finally able to surpass a figure longed for by all chess players. “Now his challenge will be to maintain and increase the figure that he will exhibit in the defense of his national crown at the end of January,” the sports publication notes.

In the ranking of Cuba, Quesada is followed by Carlos Daniel Albornoz, with 2,576 points, one less than those he had at the beginning of December and further from the 2,605 he had last September.

The list of the top 10 in Cuba is now completed by Luis Ernesto Quesada (2,551), Omar Almeida (2,531), Yuri González (2,525), Isán Ortiz (2,521), Roberto García (2,507), Dylan Berdayes (2,505), Ermes Espinosa (2500) and Lelys Martínez (2500).

However, the best-placed Cuban in the universal ranking continues to be the stellar Lenier Domínguez, who represents the United States and who, with 2,743 units, occupies 13th place in the world. Meanwhile, Lázaro Bruzón, also attached to the US federation, totals 2,613.

The also monarch of Cuba Yaniela Forgas leads the women’s section with 2317 points, although Hit clarifies that “the recent performance in the Joaquín Gutiérrez Mangel 2022 International Chess Tournament in Costa Rica, where he gave up some units, is not registered in this figure.”

Behind are Lizandra Ordaz (2,312), Yerisbel Miranda (2,269), Maritza Arribas (2,225) and Yuleisy Hernández (2,215), who close the top five of the island among the ladies.

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