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Cuban Chamber of Commerce discusses challenges around exports

The transformation of the chamber services and the need to generate productive linkages with the new economic actors focused the debate, which was attended by Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice Prime Minister of Cuba, and Ana Teresita González, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade.

Antonio Carricarte, president of the Chamber, explained that despite the limitations imposed by Covid-19, the institution developed 92 business forums and virtual work meetings with other chambers and institutions from 54 countries.

As a result, 12 collaboration agreements were signed and 30 action plans were established by nations.

Participation in the Dubai and Shanghai Fairs opened up business opportunities with an emphasis on health services, the biopharmaceutical industry, the agri-food sector, renewable energies, culture and electronic commerce.

In addition, added the director, “clusters” or work groups for the food agribusiness, information and communication technologies, health services and pharmaceuticals, among others, were created in order to accompany the internationalization of companies.

Cabrisas valued the recognition of the associates to the work carried out by the Chamber and called for diversifying exports. He proposed looking for added values ​​such as marketing in small formats, identifying abandoned sectors and promoting new exportable funds within local development, in alliance with new forms of production.

The deputy prime minister insisted on perfecting a still deficient promotion of exportable goods and services, converting collaboration agreements into concrete actions and advancing in the relationship with foreign partners.

During the debate, the associates referred to the need to dismantle obstacles to export activity, use public media to promote products and guarantee issues related to industrial property, among other issues.

In the year that begins, the Cuban Chamber will seek commercial opportunities based on territorial development strategies, will extend the experience of the “clusters” to other sectors and will articulate alliances with the United Nations System, among other objectives.

In addition, it will carry out commercial missions in Mexico and Belarus and will participate in fairs in Vietnam, South Korea, Algeria and China.


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