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Cuban artists celebrate World Theater Day


Several cuban artists celebrated this Monday through their profiles on social networks the World Day of Theaterestablished in 1961.

This year, the Egyptian actress Saminha Ayoub was chosen to send a message for the holiday, which was focused on the heartbreaking realities that a planet lives today due to the instability that emerges from conflicts, wars and natural catastrophes.

“It is our mission, we playwrights, the torchbearers of enlightenment, from the first appearance of the first actor on the first stage, we must be at the forefront of the confrontation with all that is ugly, bloody and inhuman. We face it all with what is beautiful, pure and human. We, and no one else, have the ability to spread life. Let us all spread these words together for the sake of building a single world and a single humanity,” Ayoub wrote.

Among those who celebrated the date on the island was the renowned actress Laura de la Uz, who posted a message on her Instagram profile congratulating “all the actors, directors and technicians of the cuban theater that we work, literally, for the love of art”.

He also thanked the Cuban public “for their love and loyalty. We have the best public possible. The dreamed”, assured the artist, review the Cuban news outlet 360.

She took the opportunity to congratulate the other artists who participate with her in the newly released work The neighbors of above, whom he considered “my new friends and a wonderful family. We continue with the functions!!!”

Cuban actor Lieter Ledesma, a resident of the United States, also wrote on his Facebook profile that theater is “a vital space that makes us daydream. Congratulations to my professional colleagues”.

Likewise, the renowned director Carlos Celdrán shared a brief message: “Happy World Theater Day!!!! The common land, the soil that I defend”.

In 2019, Celdrán precisely became the first Cuban playwright chosen by the International Theater Institute (ITI) to write the message on the occasion of that date, which is translated into 20 languages ​​every year and is read before millions of viewers from all over the planet.

The outlet recalls that last year the ITI World Council selected Pedro Franco, director of the Cuban company Teatro El Portazo, to be part of the ceremony held for this day and that took place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris .

Cuban Pedro Franco among the protagonists of World Theater Day 2022

In 1961, the ITI established the celebration of World Theater Day on the occasion of the inauguration on March 27 of that year in Paris of the “Theater of Nations, ITI, UNESCO” festival, which brought together representatives of the tables internationally.

From that moment on, the date is celebrated every year and it has become common for a performing arts personality to be invited to write the international message regarding the day of homage to theatrical artists from all over the planet.

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