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Cuba: Supreme Court dismisses appeal of 15 protesters from La Güinera

MIAMI, United States.- The Chamber for Crimes against State Security of the Supreme Court of Cuba dismissed this week the appeals filed by the lawyers of 15 protesters from the Havana neighborhood of La Güinera, convicted of the protests of days 11 and 12 July 2021, reported Radio Television Marti.

“I am the mother of Brusnelvis Adrián Cabrera Gutiérrez, sentenced to ten years in prison. For the crime of sedition. Right now, my son is 21 years old, but he was 20 years old at the time he was sanctioned, ”explained Migdalia Deleiid Gutiérrez Padrón after learning the results of the appeal trial.

“Despite being clear about the intentions of this government and knowing that we had no chance of winning, the confirmation of our fears devastated all the mothers, sisters and wives of those convicted. I cannot conceive that the prosecutor, a Cuban like me and my son, reaches that degree of servility that this man has reached,” added Gutiérrez Padrón.

The mother of the young political prisoner also explained that the regime’s prosecutor said that her son “was in the place inciting people. I think the trials of the protesters were a sham. My son neither went nor participated in the demonstration. He was picked up on the day of the first trial in December, because he was out on bail.”

“Liberty and justice for my son who was sentenced to ten unjust years!” he demanded.

The case of Elier Padrón

For her part, Noraidys Romero Alarcón, the mother of 26-year-old Elier Padrón, told the Miami-based media outlet that the pain caused by the 10-year prison sentence has not allowed her to get out of bed. “We wanted to have faith, that everything would work out. Because what did my son actually do? What is a crime is having cut short the lives of so many people, without there being a real crime.

In a letter that the young man managed to send from prison, and to which Martí had access, the political prisoner also denounced that imprisoned protesters suffer discrimination and are even denied medical attention.

“The food is much less than what belongs to us, we are frequently punished in the isolation cell when we defend our rights. They provide us with very little medical attention and the managers describe us as the baddest and most dangerous inmates in the prison. They do not allow the other inmates to talk to us,” the young man wrote.

During the appeal trial, the sentences of Dayron Martín Rodríguez and Miguel Páez Estiven, sentenced to 22 years in prison, were also ratified; Alexander Guillermo Martínez Amoroso and Lázaro Zamora González (18); José Luis Sánchez Tito and Frank Aldama Rodríguez (16); Alexis Sosa Ruiz and Orlando Carvajal Cabrera (12); Dianyi Liriano Fuentes (10), Jesús Enrique Vázquez Cabrera (eight) and Karen Vázquez Pérez (seven).

Meanwhile, Marlon Brando Díaz Oliva was sentenced to five years of correctional labor with internment, while Leoalys De La Caridad Valera Vázquez received a sentence of five years of correctional labor without internment.

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