Cast of ‘Happy Saturdays’ says goodbye to his “Mandi” with emotional messages

Cast of 'Happy Saturdays' says goodbye to his "Mandi" with emotional messages
Marcelino Rodriguez and Don Jediondo. Photo: @elfrente

Several of his colleagues in the world of humor have remembered him fondly.

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This Friday the death of Marcelino Rodríguez, better known in the world of humor as “Mandíbula” or “Mandi” as his closest friends called him affectionately, was known.

At 71 years old, the former member of the cast of “Happy Saturdays” left this world, a humor program in which he was for about 30 years.

Cast of 'Happy Saturdays' says goodbye to his "Mandi" with emotional messages
Marcellin Rodriguez. Photo: @pulzo.

His death occurred this morning due to consequences associated with covid-19.

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Jaws left an indelible mark on Caracol Television and on viewers of the oldest comedy show in Colombia, which is why both the producer and the members of the show have sent messages of condolences and paid tribute to the comedian.

«The family of ‘Happy Saturdays’ is in mourning. Our deepest condolences to the family of our friend and colleague, Marcelino Rodríguez. ‘Mandy’, thank you for bringing happiness to an entire country for so many years,” reads the “Happy Saturdays” account on Instagram.

For her part, Patricia Silva, one of Marcelino Rodríguez’s best friends, was one of the first to comment and pay tribute to “Mandíbula”.

“Sad day for your departure,” he wrote in a video dedicated to the comedian.

This was the message from “Boyacoman”, a comedian who thanked “Mandíbula” for all his support.

«Fly very high teacher, God called the most beautiful man of ‘Happy Saturdays’, always with his childlike soul, always helping me, always smiling, always teaching me, always in my heart, thank you for being the first to receive me, for being the first to support me,” he fondly recalled the late comedian.

Another who did not hide his sadness was Nelson Polanía «Moth: «Today a great man leaves us, an icon of humor, peace in his grave Mandi….in our minds and hearts of those of us who knew him and had the opportunity to work with him…for always Mandi,” he wrote.

Meanwhile ‘Don Jediondo’ another of Mandíbula’s friends expressed the following: «He played us a tough comedy. Peace in the tomb of the great “Mandíbula”, Marcelino Rodríguez. For unforgettable years he was in the cast of ‘Happy Saturdays’ bringing us laughter and joy on Caracol Tv. To his family my condolence hug and may Almighty God give you strength », wrote Don Jediondo.

Cover photo: @elfrente

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