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Cuba closes its performance in the Pan-American Canoeing Championship with four medals

Cuba closed with a title and three silver medals its performance in the Pan American Championship canoe speed, held in the city Canadian Halifax, official media report.

At the event, which also distributed tickets for next year’s continental multi-sports event in Chile, the most outstanding by the Cuban delegation was Cyril Yarisleidiswho added a scepter in the C-2 at 500 meters, along with Katherin Nuevo, and a silver metal in the individual canoe at 200 meters, according to a report of the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

The other two silver metals went to the Olympic champion Serguei Torres, who placed second in the C-1 at 1000 meters and finished in the same position in the C-2 at 500 meters, pairing up with the young Tabiani Diéguez.

The other Cuban canoeist present in Halifax was José Ramón Pelier, who on this occasion did not get on the podium, but ratified his classification for Santiago de Chile 2023 with the results of now and the one achieved in the I Junior Pan American Games of Cali 2021, says the office.

In total, Cuban canoeing secured 15 quotas in the contest of the next continental multi-sport event, since those won by the canoeists were added to those achieved in the kayak specialty, in which Cuba did not go up to the award podium.

The main results now in this specialty were carried out this Thursday in the women’s single-seater (K-1) at 500 meters, with Yurieni Guerra fourth place in the final A, and by Reinier Carrera, sixth in the men’s K-1 at 1000 meters.

Remember the ACN that more than 100 canoeists from 18 countries entered the Halifax event, with the presence of several Olympic and world medalists.

In that same scenario, Cuba recently won a title and a second place in the World Championship of that sport. There Cirilo and Nuevo achieved a historic performance by winning the C-2 at 200 meters, while Torres won silver in the C-1 at five kilometers.

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