Cuba and Russia agree to transform the island's economy from the "private company"

Cuba and Russia agree to transform the island’s economy from the "private company"

The “higher moment” that Miguel Díaz-Canel wants to take Cuba’s relationship with Russia it has been known precisely through the press of the Eurasian country. According to a note published in Spanish this Thursday by the Russian agency Interfaxduring the meeting on Wednesday in Havana between the Cuban president and Titov Boris Yurievich, president of the Cuba-Russia Business Council, what was agreed was to create a “Center for Economic Transformation.”

The objective is to prepare, according to the agency, “economic transformations in Cuba based on the development of private companies,” which would imply, de facto, opening the market “in the Russian way.”

With a source in the press service of the “business ombudsman”, Interfax details that the center will include, on the Cuban side, representatives of “key ministries” and the Central Bank and, on the Russian side, experts from different “institutes “strategic.

For Yurievich, always according to the Russian media, his country has experience in creating “digital systems for companies” that have been used “successfully” and he intends to share it.

For Yurievich, always according to the Russian media, his country has experience in creating “digital systems for companies” that have been used “successfully” and he intends to share it

“We are impressed by the high level of professionalism of the specialists who spoke with us from the side of the Cuban government, they spoke absolutely the same language,” Interfax quoted the Russian official, who is also an adviser to President Vladimir Putin.

The communiqué of the Presidency of Cuba after the meeting, issued the same wednesdaywas much more vague, and limited itself to highlighting the “will on the part of the governments of both countries, to take the important political dialogue and, above all, relations in the economic and commercial field to a higher moment.”

The visit of the Russians supposed, Díaz-Canel said, to give “continuity to the very satisfactory meetings that we had with President Putin during our recent visit to the Russian Federation.” The president was referring to his stop in Moscow as part of a emergency tour last November, which included, in addition to the Eurasian nation, Algeria, Turkey and China.

This meeting took place the same day that Cuban officials met, also in Havana, with American counterparts to address security issues. Hardly any details have come out of this meeting, except for a statement from the White House that, in the face of critical voices, clarifies that this rapprochement “does not affect the approach” of the Government of President Joe Biden on “human rights issues” on the Island.


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