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2022 was historic for Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano: it placed 11,285 million pesos for housing development

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2022 was historic for Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano: it placed 11,285 million pesos for housing development

In the midst of the crisis of housing production, Mexican Real Estate Bank (BIM) registered in 2022 historical numbers in its nine years of operation, with a spill of credit of 11,285 million pesos, so by 2023 it plans to allocate around 12,000 million pesos in bridge loans for housing developers and infrastructure.

During the BIM 2023 Forum, Rodrigo Padilla, the bank’s CEO, highlighted that, in the last five years, the bank has financed the construction of around 57,000 households; while, in 2022, 11,285 million pesos in new credits were signed.

“In 2022 we achieved the best result in the history of the bank… our credit business, the credit business grew at an annual rate of 18%, with which our balance sheet portfolio was above 8,000 million pesos and we signed almost 11,300 million (11,285 pesos) in the year,” Padilla told developers and other industry participants.

The banker explained that the commercial portfolio grew at an annual rate of 18% last year, since it went from 6,831 million pesos in balance in 2021 to 8,060 million pesos in 2022.

For Padilla, despite the crisis that the housing production in the country, the bank was able to obtain the results of 2022 thanks to three factors: a greater participation of the entity in an industry that is becoming smaller every time; a dynamism in the movement of inventories of social housing and that the institution has reached its equilibrium point in order to go from red to black numbers.

afloat despite everything

For his part, Víctor Manuel Requejo, president of the BIM Board of Directors, commented that, despite not having 100% support from the federal government, the industries, both financial and real estate, have managed to maintain the market in the face of the crisis.

“Although the government of this six-year term does not view us favorably, the need to have a roof, the work of the housing agenciesthe imagination of developers and the resources of private banks have enabled the construction of around 250,000 households per year, with an investment of 500,000 million pesos for new units and housing improvements”, stated Requejo.

Plans 2023

During the forum, the bank’s executives announced that, in the coming months, BIM will launch a digital mortgage, in collaboration with the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF), aimed at households from 750,000 to 1.5 million pesos.

Regarding investments in wealth banking, whose rate of return is up to 11%, BIM closed 2022 with a deposit of 6,617 million pesos. For 2023, the goal is 7,917 million.

“The task of the banks is to take money from depositors and place it in productive projects, we cannot forget the social responsibility that this represents, because the lack of credit affects the economy as much as the lack of innovation and investment,” he said. Padilla.

It is worth mentioning that BIM also has a range of investment trusts, the objective for the end of this year will be to go from 49,692 million pesos to 60,900 million in assets managed by its trustee.

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