Cuajone remains without water due to damage caused

Cuajone remains without water due to damage caused

mine workers in warned that the facilities of the Viña Blanca reservoir, which supplies water to the mining camp, were damaged during the time it was taken over by peasants from the Tumilaca, Pocata, Coscore and Tala communities.

They reported that the control valve is destroyed and there is a water leak caused by a hole of approximately one meter in diameter in the retaining walls, which causes an estimated loss of 15 to 20 liters per second.

In addition, the water is not suitable for human consumption because it was stagnant for almost two months without the possibility of flowing. “An adequate analysis and treatment must be carried out so that the water can reach the population in an adequate manner and with a quality for human consumption,” said Juan Carlos Mamani Cano, a representative of the Southern Peru union.

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For this reason, despite having restored order after almost two months with the support of members of the National Police, five thousand workers and their families will remain, for the time being, without water resources.

“We have a government that does not work proactively or anticipate events to avoid the greatest amount of loss for those involved,” said Mamani Cano.

The operations of the Cuajone mining unit will return to normal after the railway, which was also damaged by the community members, is repaired.

“We want them to guarantee our right to work properly and calmly, and above all to guarantee the right to education and health. This camp where we live has educational institutions and a hospital that have been seriously affected in these more than 50 days without water”, he concluded.

The peasant community signed an act on April 21 by means of which it agrees to lift its measures of force, as a truce, for 15 days.

Cuajone’s operations were paralyzed for more than 52 days, generating losses for the country of more than US$ 260 million in exports and more than S/ 400 million in taxes.


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