Csutcb urges renewal of COB leadership and recalls that Huarachi requested Evo's resignation

Csutcb urges renewal of COB leadership and recalls that Huarachi requested Evo’s resignation

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The Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Csutcb) published a resolution this Wednesday in which it urges the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) to convene an ordinary congress to renew the leadership since the current one has already concluded its mandate.

In this context, the peasant leadership took aim at the union executive Juan Carlos Huarachi, who has also been asked to change for supporting the request for the resignation of former president Evo Morales in the midst of the post-election conflict in 2019.

According to the peasant instance, the actions of the union entity are already declared “null and void.”

“Require the COB to immediately convene the next ordinary congress, since its management has expired according to the organic statute. Consequently, their actions are already declared null and void ”, points out the first point of the Csutcb resolution.

But it is not all. In a press conference, the Secretary of International Relations of the Csutcb, Omar Ramírez, recalled that Huarachi requested the resignation of Evo Morales in 2019.

“The management of Mr. Juan Carlos Huarachi has concluded according to the mandate established by the Organic Statute, in addition, Mr. Huarachi in the management 2019 has ended up requesting the resignation of President Evo,” said Ramírez, after stating that the Csutcb is affiliated to the COB.

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The peasant union entity remarks in its statement that the current leadership of the COB, currently led by Huarachi, continues to be extended despite “the recovery of democracy.”

“As the maximum peasant union entity, listening to our organic structure and other organizations affiliated to the COB, why the current leadership of the COB continues to be extended in its functions, even having recovered democracy a year ago, we have the duty to demonstrate” , he argues.

In the same way, the instance reaffirms its commitment to the Process of Change and the defense of democracy and constitutional order.

“The Csutcb reaffirms its authority as a vanguard and fundamental pillar of the Process of Change, consequently it will defend at any cost of democracy and the constitutional order of our Plurinational State of Bolivia,” he adds.

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