Cruise passengers in Puerto Plata will leave the country by plane

Cruise passengers in Puerto Plata will leave the country by plane

The 3,223 passengers of the cruise Norwegian Escape, stranded at the destination Puerto Plata since last Monday, they will leave the country via air bound for Florida, United States.

Through a statement, the administration of the terminal Taino Bay reported that they have determined, in the hands of the consignee agent responsible for handling passengers, the disembarkation of tourists.

In the writing, the terminal does not report when the transfer process begins.

on the boat, Taino Bay informed that it remains docked and without risk in the port Taino Bayon Puerto Platawaiting for the technical team of the shipping line to determine the necessary actions for their departure.

“As an extra precautionary measure and part of the protocols indicated by the line, the vessel has decided to remain moored at the dock of Taino Bay until all the pertinent evaluations are resolved,” the document establishes.

The port indicated that it is working in collaboration with the authorities of the Dominican Republic and the NCL cruise line so that the Norwegian Escape ship returns safely to its destination as soon as possible.

They anticipate that in the next few days the boat will leave Puerto Plata“whenever the established technical and insurance reviews are completed.”

The cruise It was stranded on Monday afternoon after a wind current deflected it from the dock channel during its exit maneuver from the port terminal.

The cruise was released at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, thanks to the work carried out between the Navy of the Dominican Republic, the Civil Defense, the Ministry of Tourism and the operators of Taino Bay.

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