Las críticas a Pável Isa y Claude Joseph sobre antihaitianismo en RD

Criticism of Pável Isa and Claude Joseph about anti-Haitianism in the DR

Like a truck without brakes, the criticism against the Economy Minister Pavel Isa and the former Haitian foreign minister, claude joseph have not stopped at social networks.

And it is that, this morning, claude joseph came out through Twitter his congratulations to the recent declarations of Pavel Isa about what in Dominican Republic has existed since the time of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo a “profound anti-Haitianism”.

“All my congratulations to Prof. Pavel Isa, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development of the Dominican Republic; who had, like me, the courage to denounce systemic racism and the anti-Haitianism in the Dominican RepublicJoseph wrote on his Twitter account.

This has caused legal specialists, journalists, communicators and users in general of social networks to express their outrage at the Isa’s statementsentrenched in these congratulations from claude joseph.

for the lawyer Juarez Castillo Seman, the statements of Pavel Isa have served as “advertising weapons” for the former Haitian foreign minister against Dominican Republic.

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“Attention friend Pte. Louis Abinader: the person you appointed as economy minister, who mendaciously and treacherously accused the Dominican people of “racism, he did it to give “advertising weapons” declared enemies of our nation. Here he is being congratulated by one of them,” he said in Castle Seman in a tweet.

The renowned jurist mentioned that months ago, claude joseph harsh criticism of the president Louis Abinader and now it is dispatched congratulating a minister of the Dominican administration for statements about “racism” in the country.

“This is Joseph when just 2 months ago he ranted mendaciously/offensively/insultingly against Pte. Louis Abinader for their achievements in defense of national sovereigntywho now comes out to warmly congratulate the minister Pavel Isafor having coincided with him, accusing RD of “racist”.

The lawyer did the same Trajan Potentiniwho went further the label of “betrayal of the country” the statements of Isa.

“The only qualification of the accusations of racism, from Pavel Isa to the Dominicans, is Treason against the Homeland,” he argued. Potentini in Twitter.

In the same order, the president of the Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (ADOCCO), Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburciowho wondered if this situation is “coincidence” or “is part of the plan”.

“The enemy of Dominican Republic claude josephcongratulating the Economy Minister Pavel Isafor denouncing a systemic racism against the HaitiansIs this a coincidence or is it part of the plan, so that we carry the problem that they have not been able to solve? From Tiburcio Rose.

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Others who questioned the permanence of Pavel Isa in front of the Ministry of Economy after this situation, were the journalists Gilbert Guzman Y Yanessi Espinal.

claude josephformer Prime Minister of Haiticongratulated pavel isafor his statements in favor of the Haitians and against the DR. President what are we going to do with pavel isa? We have the enemy in the house!” Guzman.

claude joseph gave the missing ingredient to complicate the permanence of Pavel Isa in the position of Economy Minister”, he expressed Spinal.

Interviewed in recent days in the program “Verdades al Aire”, Pavel Isa assured that in the Dominican Republic there is “profound anti-Haitianism” that exceeds the time Trujillo to the present.

“I think it is against Haitians, because they are black and because they are poor, there is a deep racism in this society that has been cultivated since Trujillo and there is a deep anti-Haitianism, which our own educational system reproduces. There is an inflammatory speech that points to a line. It is not a government speech, but there are sectors that are betting on it. Let’s lower the tone and sit down to discuss how to really improve immigration policy. Hmake it more effective,” said Isa, Minister of Economy of the Dominican Republic.

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