Cristina got her San Martin

Cristina got her San Martin

Latin America continues to be convulsed by political events that affect its governability. Acts of corruption severely affect regional democracy. Pedro Castillo was removed from power in an unstable Peru and Cristina Fernández was sentenced to 6 years in prison and disqualified from holding public office. The current vice president and former first president received her San Martín.

Her case has an important echo due to what recently happened to this woman who for a time was president of her country, who until now continues to suffer the effects of governments that fail to carry out the administration of the state. The Argentine justice had its ruling after a long period of investigation. This woman has diverted public works contracts to a family friend who ended up taking her to prison for 6 years and being disqualified from holding public office.

Cristina Fernández was president of Argentina from December 10, 2007 – December 9, 2015. Recently, her name had a lot of echo in her country and throughout the world for having been the victim of an attempt on her life because a man pointed a gun at her but did not pull the trigger, he affirms that it was just a threat perhaps from the group of people who is against her or a staging to make her look like a victim. Her legal case was dotted with political facts that the vice president in a speech after her ruling affirmed as all corrupt that her case was of “political persecution.”

Time to change

The so-called Cámpora, which is a group that defends her and wants her to return to power with her flag that is already stained with corruption, supported her, although the president stated that she will not run for any position in the 2024 elections.

Argentina has needed serious and responsible administrators for a long time to take the reins of its government for the good of the Argentine citizen and millions of Paraguayans, since this neighboring country registers a significant number of compatriots living there for a long time and who continue to send remittances for their family or people who depend on them.

The verdict was a major blow to Cristina Fernández, the current vice president and a deeply divisive figure in a country mired in high inflation, poverty and failed economic policies.

We will see if this act of justice manages to correct the courses in the neighboring country or ends in a simple anecdotal matter.

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