Cristian Daes prepared a surprise for Andrea Valdiri for her marriage to Felipe Saruma

Cristian Daes prepared a surprise for Andrea Valdiri for her marriage to Felipe Saruma

Christian Daes and Andrea Valdiri.

The couple is getting married on Saturday and they have already chosen the hotel where the party will take place.

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It’s a fact!: Andrea Valdiri and Andrés Felipe Saruma are getting married this Saturday, April 16, in the city of Barranquilla.

The woman from Barranquilla and the man from Santander will get married in what promises to be the “wedding of the year”, which will be attended by several of her best influential friends such as ‘Epa Colombia’, ‘La Jesu’, Yuranis, Mr Black; among others and also 10 of her followers whom she chose from her networks to give them that gift.

Andrea Valdiri
Saruma and Andrea Valdiri.

Andrea has received the love and support of her more than 7 million fans after announcing that she will take this important step in her life.

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Andrea Valdiri
Andres Felipe Saruma and Andrea Valdiri.

After her revelation, the dancer has received some details from very close friends. One of them, Christian Daes, the famous businessman who owns the company that manufactures glass and windows: Tecnoglass.

Daes gave the couple a surprise: He placed their names on the monument of ‘La Ventana de Campeones’, a work that was erected as a tribute to Junior de Barranquilla.

“Congratulations on your big day Andrea and Saru”, reads the sign projected on the famous “Shark’s Fin”.

Andrea Valdiri
Monument of the Window of Champions.

The woman from Barranquilla thanked the businessman for this gesture.

“When they take the time to give you such special details, you realize that you have done things well in your life, tonight was magical thanks to the Tecnoglass family and Christian Daes who dedicated their time and effort to this beautiful surprise,” posted the barranquillera on his Instagram account.

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In the following video you can see the images of the surprise that the businessman from Barranquilla gave to the influencer.

The wedding will take place in the majestic Hotel del Prado, one of the architectural jewels of the capital of Atlántico.

The site is located between Carreras 54 and 55 with Calle 70, as its name indicates, in the El Prado neighborhood, an icon of the city for its republican architecture.

The most pompous weddings in the city of Barranquilla and the most important musical acts and shows of the Barranquilla Carnival have been held in this hotel.

Also, artists of the stature of Juan Carlos Coronel and Carlos Vives have recorded music videos within its facilities.

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