Criminologist asks the Comptroller’s Office to carry out correspondence examinations with commissioners to disrupt illegal collections

In the year 2022, 21 young police officers were disqualified for misconduct produced after drug use. Thus, 25 police officers were also dismissed for misconduct. This was reported by Commissioner Gilberto Fleitas, commander of the National Police at 1080 AM on Wednesday morning.

These revelations arise after the arrest of a police officer for being the person allegedly responsible for the murder of an air force soldier. According to the agent’s confession, he killed the soldier after resisting an assault.


Juan Martens, criminologist, analyzed this situation, urged the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) to carry out the correspondence analysis of the main commissioners. This, in order to detect illicit enrichment, attending to the naturalization of parallel collections made by law enforcement officers.

“The vast majority live beyond their capacity. A salary of a recent graduate is above the minimum wage. The excuse they make of low salary is not quite like that either. Hopefully the Comptroller will do the correspondence analysis, for a matter of feasibility, you have to start with the commissioners, I think we are going to find surprises, ”she said.


The analyst affirmed that this illegal charge is not discussed because it would put a great institutional flaw on the table.

“At the same time it is talking about something that is very naturalized, that the agents consider a right. They express themselves to this type of irregularities using terms like ‘work’, ‘place for’, it is part of the language. It is seen as part of their functions, that is why they do not speak, they enjoy the privilege, since in a week they collect G. 4 to 5 million in a ‘place for a’ as they call it, ”he said.

As the analyst explains, this irregular collection is not even discussed, so it will be much more difficult to eradicate it from the police forces. It is part of everyday life as a “privilege” that agents have for wearing the uniform and it has become so important that their salaries take second place. The main source of income is generated by turning a blind eye to criminal acts such as not capturing a person with an arrest warrant, letting a vehicle pass through without documents, or letting criminals operate in certain territories.

Criminologist asks the Comptroller's Office to carry out correspondence examinations with commissioners to disrupt illegal collections
Juan Martens, criminologist.

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