Antai assures that it will ensure compliance with Law 316 on conflict of interest in public service

After January 17, through Executive Decree No. 17 of January 2023, the single form of sworn declaration of private interests was adopted, the General Director of the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information, Elsa Fernández , participated in the room courtesy before the Cabinet Council to address the issue of the new entry into force of Law No. 316 of August 18, 2022, which regulates situations of conflict of interest in public service.

This Law will enter into force on February 18, 2023, for which reason Fernández explained that with it, ANTAI becomes the governing body that is obliged to monitor and ensure compliance with the norm, he also said that personnel will be required technical and technological development to optimize work.

“This new norm for the country becomes a benchmark for the region and allows compliance with international standards in the fight against corruption, since with the sworn declaration of interests that must be delivered annually and before a Notary Public, by the Obligated subjects which are any public official who is the highest authority of their institution, management agents, natural or legal persons who are awarded public tenders, creates transparent public management and generates trust in citizens before the entities, “he explained.

He added that the conflict of interest law has a special procedure to carry out administrative investigations and establishes the corresponding sanctions.

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