Violencia. Las instalaciones de la UVC de Guacharaca, en Esmeraldas, fueron destrozadas tras un ataque armado en 2021.

Criminals killed 19 policemen in six years

Sergeant Freddy Laaz died after a confrontation with two criminals in the north of Guayaquil, on the night of Tuesday, January 18.

Police keep records of attacks against the uniformed There you can see the date and the place where the criminals attacked them. 2018 and 2021 were the most violent years for officers who died from bullet impacts from pistols and machine guns.

The stories

Rosa Elena Gaibor She still has in her house the tricolor flag that the Police gave her at the wake of her husband, Sergeant Jorge Fernando Chiliguano. He died after being hit bullet in his head, on June 13, 2021, when he arrested two criminals in the south of Quito.

Gaibor counts to THE TIME who thinks of him every day. In the house there are portraits of Chiliguano with his two daughters and very close by are the letters of condolences that arrived from different parts of the country and countless authorities.

She found out on the news about the murder of Sgt. freddy laaz, member of the Special Mobile Antinarcotics Group, happened the night of Tuesday, January 18, 2022, in Guayaquil. That is why he sympathized with the uniformed man’s wife and their children. “I know how it feels. It’s hard. Every day it is extremely difficult to get up, get out of bed, cry silently so that no one else hears you thinking about your husband”, says Gaibor.

Laaz passed away after a confrontation armed against two suspects who assaulted a local business of the sector Samanes. In the shooting, the sergeant managed to shoot down one of the criminals, but received bullet wounds that caused his death. In videos, the wife, with whom he had gone out to eat, is seen asking for help to transfer him to a health home.

The Police Jesús Intriago lost his life in the middle of an operation to arrest a suspect in Babahoyo.

Last year there was an uptick in attacks

The Police reported that since 2017 19 murders of uniformed men while doing their job. The most violent years were 2018 with 6 fatal attacks and 2021 with 7. So far in January, Two casualties are already counted. (see infographic)

On December 19, Sergeant Duesis Valencia Caicedo muried after an armed attack on the UVC of Guacharaca in Esmeraldas; he was on duty.

Members of a criminal gang fired from outside the infrastructure in retaliation for the anti-narcotics work carried out by the agents of that unit in the area. Days before, the community police had erased graffiti from the criminal drug gang of The Tiguerones in walls of the sector. 10 days earlier, Corporal Álex Cuenca also died while doing work against illegal mining.

On April 7, 2021 the agent died Jesus Intriago Zamora, 22 years old. He participated in an anti-criminal operation with the Motorized Operations Group (UMO). Criminals attacked him in a house located in the Los Laureles compound, in the rural parish of Mata de Cacao de Babahoyo, in Los Ríos, when a raid was being carried out.

vicious attacks

The director of operations of the Police, Fausto Salinas, said that each time the attacks are made with more violence. The institution’s intelligence reports indicate that criminals use long-range weapons that, sometimes, they exceed the official response capacity.

In videos recorded and viralized by the gangs, shots into the air of people using shotguns, machine guns and submachine guns for military use are observed. The police commander, Tannya Varela,He assured that they are working with the police of Peru and Colombia to detect and combat arms trafficking.

The security specialist, Douglas Casteló, He pointed out that the gangs are financed by drug traffickers and challenge the State with public demonstrations. That is why videos go viral in which they make an exhibition of their attack force.

Only in one of the operations carried out by the Police to arrest suspects in the attack in Guacharaca, the agents seized a submachine gun, a revolver, two silencers, a vehicle, 101 ballistic evidence, 1 9mm cartridge; 23 sheaths 9mm, 10 sheaths cal. Four. Five; 17 pods 5.56; 1 lime bullet Four. Five; 2 9mm bullets; 13 deformed bullets; 19 jacketed, and 15 fragments.

more support

Rosa Elena Gaibor comments that after seven months of the murder of her husband, she still does not have access to the Social Security Police (Isspol) pension. He adds that the paperwork is “endless” and is questioned by the agility of the processes. “What do I get with all the decorations and notes of condolences if the Police still do not respond to the requirements. I am waiting for the support offered.” She says she had to quit her job to be able to take care of her house and her two daughters. “I still haven’t received a penny.”, warns and asks for a solution from the authorities.

Police officer Santiago Olmedo was sentenced to three years in prison for excess of force.  He says he will appeal.
Police officer Santiago Olmedo was sentenced to three years in prison for excess of force. He says he will appeal.

A policeman is sentenced for killing two suspects

The police Santiago Olmedo was sentenced yesterday, January 19, 2022, to three years and four months in prison for excess of force. The agent was prosecuted after shooting down two people involved in an armed robbery, on June 11, 2021. The uniformed man defended a minor from the alleged criminals.

After knowing the fault of un criminal court, the defense said it will appeal. Olmedo regretted the decision and said he did his job.

The Minister of Government, Alexandra Vela, described as unusual “that a server of the National Police, who uses his weapon to save the life of a citizen, be condemned”. The official pointed out that Olmedo “He did his duty” and announced that they will support him until he regains his freedom.

While President Guillermo Lasso posted on his twitter account that “It is outrageous and incomprehensible that a policeman, like Corporal Santiago Olmedo, be sentenced…” He ended by saying that he will support the uniformed officer until he regains his freedom.

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