COVID 19: Salud Pública aplicará quinta dosis contra la enfermedad

COVID 19: Public Health will apply a fifth dose against the disease

The vice minister of collective health, Eladio Pérez, revealed that the authorities contemplate the application of a fifth dose against covida disease that has rebounded in recent weeks, having this Thursday more than 2 thousand active cases.

Pérez said that the vaccine can be applied four months after the fourth dose has been applied and that the country has a sufficient number of inoculations to meet the demand of the population, while reiterating the call to citizens to continue getting vaccinated against COVID to counteract the serious effects of the disease that he ensures is under control.

“This number of people who are admitted has increased slightly, but they are people who were not vaccinated or barely had two doses, we make a new call to come to get vaccinated to have a booster,” said Eladio Pérez, Vice Minister of Collective Health.

Woman takes a covid-19 test.

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Likewise, the representatives of the Ministry of Public Health reported that negotiations are underway with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to acquire ambivalent vaccines.

These types of vaccines (ambivalent ones) are a combination of the original strain of COVID mixed with the strain of the omicron variant that, according to global health authorities, provide greater and more effective protection against the effects of the disease.

The health authorities indicated that COVID infections are concentrating in urban areas, in provinces such as Greater Santo Domingo, San Juan de la Maguana, Monte Plata and San Cristóbal.

According to the official data of the page vaccinateRD in the country there are seven million 297 thousand 827 people with the first dose; six million 67 thousand 611 with the second and two million 505 thousand 258 people with the booster dose.

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