Covid-19: Chile adds 2,682 new infections and active cases exceed the 12,000 barrier

Covid-19: Chile adds 2,682 new infections and active cases exceed the 12,000 barrier

During the last 24 hours, 2,682 new cases of Covid-19 were reported, of which 1,797 are symptomatic and 632 asymptomatic. As reported by Minsal, of the total of cases, 14% were diagnosed by antigen test, 26% originated by active search for cases (BAC) and 26% of those notified are asymptomatic.

Regarding the importance of testing for the detection of new cases, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, pointed out: “with the 80,924 laboratory tests reported yesterday we have reached the figure of 24 million PCR tests and antigens since the beginning of the pandemic An important milestone for the testing strategy that has been one of the pillars of our action plan against the Coronavirus, allowing us to detect new cases so that they can be traced and isolated, thus cutting the chain of transmission of the virus. “

From the Health portfolio, they emphasize that early detection of the first symptoms is key, so the call is to be tested in a timely manner, “together with this, we insist on reviewing the Active Search operations in the different social networks of the Seremis throughout Chile. of Cases (BAC) that are carried out constantly, since they allow us to detect asymptomatic people, that is, those who, being infected, do not show symptoms, but can infect those close to them “, added the Secretary of State.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that the variation of new confirmed cases at the national level is 7% and 42% for the comparison of 7 and 14 days respectively. Meanwhile, four regions decreased their new cases in the last 7 days and 1 in the last 14.

Regarding the positivity of cases by PCR in the last 24 hours it is 3.2% and the average of the last 7 days is 3.2%. The Metropolitan Region registers a positivity of 4%.

Aysén has the highest current incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants with 138 cases, followed by the Metropolitan Region (77), Atacama (73) and Antofagasta (63). The national rate is 64.

According to today’s report, the total number of people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the country reaches 1,709,189. Of this total, 12,516 patients are in the active stage. The recovered cases are 1,654,720.

Regarding deaths, according to the information provided by the DEIS, in the last 24 hours there were 21 deaths due to causes associated with Covid-19. The total number of deaths is 37,862 in the country.

To date, 529 people are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, of which 441 are on mechanical ventilation support. In relation to the Integrated Health Network, there are a total of 242 critical beds available for the patient who requires it, regardless of the region where they are.

Regarding the Laboratory Network and diagnostic capacity, yesterday the results of 80,924 PCR tests and antigen tests were reported, reaching a total of 24,006,390 analyzed nationwide to date. The positivity for the last 24 hours at the country level is 3.2% and in the Metropolitan Region it is 4%.

Finally, with regard to the Health Residences, there are 55 accommodation areas, with 5,303 total beds. The real occupation nationwide is 67%, leaving a total of 1,307 beds available to be used.

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