Contagios de covid-19 a la baja en Nicaragua

Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to decline, according to Citizen Observatory

The downward trend in infections and deaths from covid-19 in Nicaragua continues for the sixth consecutive week, according to data from the COVID-19 Citizen Observatory, which confirmed 50 new infections between October 28 and November 3. However, they call on the population not to lower their guard and continue taking preventive measures to avoid more cases.

The decline in the contagion curve is also evidenced in the weekly reports of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), which this Tuesday, November 2, reported 277 new positive cases, a much lower figure compared to the two consecutive weeks in September, when it arrived to confirm more than a hundred cases daily.

The Observatory explained in its previous report that they have identified a decrease or late arrival of reports on infections and deaths from departments and that they associate this with the population’s fear of providing information as a result of “the politicization of the disease and criminalization and threats for providing information ”, he indicated.

  • Minsa: The contagion curve of covid-19 falls to 40 cases a day
  • “83% of the new suspected cases this week are reported from the departments of Managua (31%), Madriz (22%), Estelí, León and Matagalpa (8% respectively) and Chinandega (6%)”, says the report.

    Deaths from covid-19 continue

    Although deaths from the pandemic have decreased compared to the behavior of September, which closed with record numbers of new cases and deaths, the Observatory this week reported 17 suspected deaths from pneumonia or coronavirus, which represents a 29% decrease compared to the previous week when there were 24 deaths.

    However, the Ministry of Health has completed more than a year without modifying the figure of a weekly death due to SARS-CoV-2, although it refers that other people who were in follow-up died from other diseases, without defining specific figures.

    71% of these new deaths were reported from Managua (24%), Chinandega and Matagalpa (18% respectively), Madriz (12%), said the Observatory.

    Until November 3, 31,140 suspected cases verified by the Citizen Observatory and 5,928 deaths have been confirmed, of these, 232 correspond to health personnel.

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