Court of Honor of Democratic Change denies statements about the prohibition of deputies to attend a hearing

With complaints about the alleged prohibition for the deputies accused in the mandate revocation process not to appear before the Court of Honor and Discipline of Cambio Democrático (CD), the morning of this Wednesday, May 25, began the first of six hearings against 15 deputies of the group.

Lawyer Carlos Carrillo presented the defense arguments on behalf of deputies Yanibel Abrego, Nelson Jackson, Mercedes Galvez and Hernán Delgado and said that he was prohibited from presenting his clients and their statements.

“We are warning of a series of violations of the Law… We were totally denied the statements that we requested and that is one of the points that we are going to legalize and at the end of the allegations we are going to include other elements,” he said, assuring that When the hearings are over, the decision made by the Tribunal can be appealed, either before the Electoral Tribunal or the Supreme Court of Justice.

But the CD prosecutor, Raúl Andrade, came out against Carrillo’s statements and denied what he alleged, assuring that the absence or presence of the deputies was a decision of each one.

“At no time has any deputy or his judicial representative been prevented from appearing at the hearing,” he said, assuring that the judicial code establishes the obligation for them to be present at the hearing, in addition to the fact that they had been assigned the positions for each one to attend these legal proceedings.

For today’s second hearing, at 3:00 pm, deputy Alaín Cedeño Herrera will be represented by attorney Alaín Cedeño Navarro.

The hearings will continue tomorrow, Thursday, at the times mentioned. For the third hearing, in the morning hours, lawyer Ceila Peñalba will act on behalf of deputies Genesis Arjona, Mauricel Fátima Agrazal, Arnulfo Díaz and Abelardo Antonio. While hours in the afternoon, the lawyer Agustín Sellhorn will do the same in defense of the deputy Marylín Vallarino, during the development of the fourth hearing.

Finally, this Friday, at the same times, it will be up to the lawyer Nicolás Brea to present the defense arguments on behalf of the deputies Dalia Bernal, José María Herrera, Lilia Batista and Leopoldo Archibold, during the fifth hearing.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the sixth hearing will conclude with the presentation of the arguments of defense attorney César Dudley, representing deputy Mayín Correa.
It was reported that, once the hearing period is over, the Court of Honor and Discipline of CD will accept what is stipulated in the rule to make a decision.

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