Court of Appeals reinstates arraignment for former general manager of SQM Patricio Contesse

Court of Appeals reinstates arraignment for former general manager of SQM Patricio Contesse

The Court of Appeals of Santiago annulled a resolution of the Eighth Guarantee Court of the capital and ordered the arraignment for the former general manager of SQM Patrick Contesseaccused of participating in the mega-scandal of irregular financing of politics.

The first antecedents of the case were known in 2015, as the edge of the Penta Case, where the holding company irregularly financed the campaigns of UDI representatives.

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The regional prosecutor of Valparaíso, claudia perivancichpointed out that Contesse “had remained since 2015 with various precautionary measures. Until February of this year she was under night house arrest, on that occasion, it was considered necessary that only the rooting measure be maintained. This was estimated by all the interveners in the investigation and it was resolved by the magistrate”, Cooperative Radio.

“However, on April 18 just past, the court of guarantee had left without force all kinds of injunctions regarding the accused. The Public Ministry filed an appeal against this decision and today the decision is revoked. decision of the court of guarantee and Mr. Contesse must be subject to the precautionary measure of arraigo”, added the persecutor.

Perivancich added that currently, and for a period of 10 months, the oral trial preparation hearing is being carried out “against the accused along with seven other people, with respect to whom the Public Ministry is pursuing criminal responsibility for the commission of various tax crimes.

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