Claudia Bahamón faced a challenge with the celebrities of Masterchef: That's how it went

Claudia Bahamón faced a challenge with the celebrities of Masterchef: That’s how it went

A new and exciting challenge was experienced this Wednesday in the kitchen of Masterchef Celebrity of the RCN Channel, in which the presenter Claudia Bahamontook the risk of cooking and competing with celebrities.

The presenter, very excited, confirmed that her prize if she wins this competition was that everyone would wear a black apron.

This new challenge was divided into two parts: in the first, the celebrities had to cook some profiteroles and for this they would have only 60 minutes.

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Although some had problems in cooking this productall managed to present the cupcakes to the jurors, however, Ramiro didn’t like them very well. For his part, the guest chef (Bahamón) managed to prepare 100.

ida Bossa presented 90 good profiteroles, Aco Pérez 154; Natalia 156, Manuela 39; Tatan 38, Carlos 70, Chicho 81, isabella 42 and Estiwar G 7 profiteroles and many almojabanites

The second part of the challenge consisted of creating a ‘croquembouche’, that is, a tower with the ‘cupcakes’ in a maximum time of 75 minutes.

Natalia Ramírez, having the largest number of good profiteroles, is the one who chooses the couples to carry out the second challenge, while Claudia Bahamon she will do it alone.

Ramiro stayed with Tatán, Aida Bossa with Isabella, Aco Pérez with Natalia Ramírez, Manuela with Estiwar G., Cristina with Carlos and Aída Morales with Chicho.

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In the midst of the creation of the tower, the famous hit tremendous burns for the candy. Finally, some of them dropped part of their towers, while others made them more compact.

At the time of passing where the jurors, the tower of the presenter, who is 30 centimeters and has a good taste. But the winners of the challenge were Carlos and Cristina, with a height of 38 centimeters, although the taste is not the best.

The other participants finished the program with a black apron and are now preparing for the salvation challenge..

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