Court of Accounts has safeguarded 509 bank accounts and has 216 open files with 3,908 involved

More than 500 bank accounts, 745 farms, 148 movable property have been protected by the Court of Accounts (TC) of Panama, since its creation in 2009, this was stated by Judge Alberto Cigarruista Cortéz to a delegation of jurists from Costa Rica who traveled to Panama to receive details of how the Jurisdiction of Accounts is progressing in the country.

“We have condemned former ministers, directors, professionals and businessmen. Today we have 216 open files with 3,908 people involved. We maintain 509 protected bank accounts, 745 farms, 148 personal property, 17 guarantee certificates and 1,608 vehicles out of commerce,” Cigarruista said.

Revealing that since 2009 when the TC was created, the General Directorate of Revenue has yet to execute sentence resolutions in the order of 300 million dollars. “We want to ask the DGI for a little more agility, which by law is the one that executes the sentences,” he said.

For his part, the president of the Costa Rican Bar Association, Álvaro Sánchez – who was accompanied by the president of the Public International Law Commission of that association and Víctor Vega, counselor of the Costa Rican Embassy – assured that all this information will help generate an academic debate about the importance of this figure in your country.

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