Couple arrested for murder of 11-month-old girl

Couple arrested for murder of 11-month-old girl

The Cicpc announced the capture in La Vega, Caracas, of a couple (mother and stepfather) of an 11-month-old girl who was beaten to death.

According to the publication of the scientific police, the detainee is identified as Yicet Yecenia La Rosa Picado (33), who together with her partner José Antonio Moncada Jaime (46), took the infant to the Doctor Miguel Pérez Carreño hospital and indicated that this one had fallen from the furniture, when the mother left her alone to look for a glass of water.

However, when performing the necropsy of the law, it was determined that the girl died as a result of a skull fracture, laceration of the brain mass, severe cerebral edema due to hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury, thus proving that the girl died as a result of a beating. in the hands of his stepfather, specified the Cicpc report.

The day of the incident, the mother was not at home, since she had left her alone with her stepfather, who constantly attacked her and the woman did nothing.

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