Costa Rica will promote the development of fishing and aquaculture

The World Bank provided the resources for this program, which will benefit families that depend mainly on small-scale fishing, longliners, exporters, commercial tourist fishing, fish farmers, the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Incopesca), and consumers, says Casa Presidential.

He refers that the initiative is in line with the blue economy, seeking to improve the conditions of the fishing and aquaculture sector and a better use of sea resources.

Among its objectives, he points out, appear to strengthen business and organizational capacities for groups of fishermen, aquaculturists and marine areas of responsible fishing.

Also give priority to the recovery of the country’s fishery resources and their potential to boost economic growth on the coasts.

As indicated, it will generate more opportunities for socioeconomic development, quality jobs and maintenance of livelihoods in coastal and aquaculture communities.

The director for Central America of the World Bank, Michel Kerf, expressed his entity’s satisfaction for working with the Costa Rican government in this exemplary project in the region, aimed at transforming the aquaculture and fishing sector, so that it generates economic benefits for the communities along the coasts of this country.

The executive president of INCOPESCA, Daniel Carrasco, pointed out that the Program for the Sustainable Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture will generate an economic boost and will allow optimizing the management of marine resources to modernize the model of these activities.

With this, he explained, it will promote economic development in coastal areas, protect the environment and enhance the enormous fishing wealth.

“This is a project for the people, through which the contribution of seafood to the national and regional economy will be increased by strengthening the institutional capacity and governance of the fishing sector,” Carrasco stressed.


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