Cosse on possible ticket price increase: "we can't do magic"

Cosse on possible ticket price increase: “we can’t do magic”

Caroline Cosse.  Photo: I.M.
Caroline Cosse. Photo: I.M.

In the last few hours, the government announced a new increase in the price of fuels, taking into account the import parity price of oil. Super 95 gasoline was adjusted by 1.5 pesos and the liter went on to cost 80.88 pesos. While diesel 50S increased by 3 pesos and the liter now costs 64.99 pesos.

As a result of the new fuel prices, the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, expressed her concern about the fact that there are “increases every two months.”

The departmental hierarch remarked that increases so often in the year generated “uncertainties”.

Ticket price

When asked by the press if the Municipality has the back to absorb the increase in fuel, in reference to the price of the ticket, she replied that it should be analyzed very carefully, because the Municipality is making a great budgetary effort and is “doing more with less”.

“We are going to do everything possible to bank, but we cannot do magic,” Cosse said.

On the other hand, she was consulted about the expressions of the Minister of Transport, José Luis Falero, who has said that the increase in the ticket in Montevideo is for other reasons, but not because of the increase in fuel, because it is covered by the diesel trust. ”. In this sense, Cosse limited himself to responding: “It’s fine.”

Cosse on possible ticket price increase: "we can't do magic"

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