Bodies of two Venezuelan brothers found in Colombia

Bodies of two Venezuelan brothers found in Colombia

The bodies of two Venezuelan migrant brothers identified as Yeiber Urriola Martus Castillo, 23, and Friyer Alejandro Urriola Martus Castillo, 22, were found near a river in the town of Ciudad Bolívar in Colombia.

On the morning of Sunday, May 29, other brothers of the victims found the lifeless bodies in a wooded area of ​​the La Playa neighborhood, reports the Alerta Bogotá media outlet.

The authorities arrive in the area and confirm that it is a homicide with a firearm, because the bodies were face down, wrapped in a jacket and upon reviewing them it is determined that they died from a bullet to the head.

According to the community, this murder is due to a settling of accounts, since the residents of the sector identified them and said that in that area these people robbed passers-by.

In fact, the same neighbors indicate that the alleged perpetrator of the crime would be alias ‘Bobby’, but what happened is under investigation.

Colombian authorities point out that one of the brothers had been captured last month for drug trafficking, says Alerta Bogotá.

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