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Corina Cano again seeks a seat in the Assembly for the 8-3 circuit

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Accompanied by family, friends and supporters of the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena), deputy Corina Cano, current second vice president of the National Assembly, today presented her official nomination as a pre-candidate for deputy of the Republic for circuit 8-3 that integrates the corregimientos of Ancón, Bella Vista, Betania, Calidonia, Curundú, El Chorrillo, Pueblo Nuevo, Santa Ana and San Felipe.

This application was registered at the headquarters of the Molirena party, located on Avenida Justo Arosemena, as part of the internal process that establishes the calendar and regulations of elections for the selection of the main candidates in charge of popular election by the National Executive Committee of the Party Molirena, to be held on Saturday, July 15.

Together with deputy Cano, members of Molirena’s party also ran as pre-candidates to occupy positions of Representatives of Corregimientos.

The current deputy Cano explains that her legitimate aspiration to reach another term within the National Assembly as a parliamentarian, is based on carrying out conscientious work, in favor of values ​​and the family, as well as citizen well-being, that seeks a dignified representation in the chamber with the creation of laws of interest, analyzed and discussed in depth.

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