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Coral 5G: Why was there no alert in the financial system regarding suspicious transactions?

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Coral 5G: ¿Por qué no hubo alerta en sistema financiero ante transacciones sospechosas?

The financial operations that the of course criminal network integrated general and other high officials of the Operation Coral 5G and Coral, carried out more than 95 percent of the financial operations in a branch of the Reserve Bank, taking advantage of its link with the manager, also involved in the case.

The proposals appear in the application file for the Measure of Coercion prepared by the Public Ministry, against General Juan Carlos Robiu Towers, Julio Camilo of the Santos Viola, Boanerges Reyes Batista; Captain of Ship Franklin kills Flores, Colonels Carlos Lantigua Cruz and Yehudand Guzmán Alcántara, and others of lesser rank.

Specifies that the choice of said branch located in a way specific at branch 550, where the Texaco fuel station on Avenida Venezuela works, it was done strategically since that was where the manager led Esmeralda Ortega Polanco, who was identified only as 550.

The Public Ministry specifies that with the intervention of the accused Ortega Polanco they avoided controls of the financial system, «Evidencing that, despite having handled hundreds of millions of pesos by people without having the financial profile for this, never suspicious transaction reports were made and few reports of cash transactions.

“The defendant was a kind of financial assistant to the colonel Rafael Nunez de Aza (imprisoned in Operation Coral) and even gave instructions on his behalf, towards transfer to name of third parties that did not actually sign the deposits, the file reviews.

He adds that this last action of the accused constitutes identity theft. «Similarly, the defendant prepared loans in the name of a third party even though she knew they were for the colonel Rafael Nunez of Aza ».

In the Coral 5G case fAlso included as accused are Lieutenant Colonels Erasmo Roger Núñez and Kelman Santana Martínez, from the Air Force and the Army, respectively; National Police Major José Manuel Rosario Pirión, First Lieutenant Jehohanan Lucía Rodríguez Jiménez, César Félix Ramos Ovalles and Esperalda Ortega Polanco.

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