Coordinated work has always existed, Sheinbaum responds to Sandra Cuevas

Coordinated work has always existed, Sheinbaum responds to Sandra Cuevas

At a press conference, after installing a work table in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, Sheinbaum said that regardless of the party’s color, there is institutional and coordinated work with the heads of the demarcations.

“Then, of course, we are going to collaborate institutionally, as we do with Benito Juárez, with Miguel Hidalgo, with Iztapalapa, with Xochimilco, with Tláhuac, with Coyoacán,” said the president.

Claudia Sheinbaum maintained that in this case, the police officers who were attacked reached justice, after the public apology made by Cuevas, while it was demonstrated that there was no political issue behind this case.

“It was shown that this was not a political issue. The second thing is that this Restorative Justice Scheme is something that the Prosecutor’s Office has implemented in other cases and that, in this case, the mayor together with the victims agree to this public apology and the other measures established by the judge. She recovers from the procedure, since, in effect, it had not been a public apology that she had given, since it was not, in particular, in front of the victims, ”she pointed out.



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