Cool weather and scattered showers forecast

Cool weather and scattered showers forecast

The Hospital de Clínicas reported a decrease in Covid-19 cases, however, pediatric consultations for other types of respiratory conditions are increasing in the pediatric range. The number is attributed to the change of season and the school period.

Rhinorrhea, sore throat and nasal congestion are some of the respiratory conditions for which children consult at the Hospital de Clínicas. There is an approximate average of 45 daily attentions.

“This increase would be related to the changes of season; we are in the season in which the rise in the circulation of viruses begins; the cool season, temperature changes and these factors begin to trigger allergic symptoms”, said Dr. Sara Amarilla, a specialist in the Department of Intrahospital Infection Control at the Hospital de Clínicas.

He added that the restart of class also coincides with this increase, since the child is exposed to virus transmission at school and takes it home, and vice versa.

He urged to maintain hygiene and prevention protocols for respiratory viral diseases.

“We must continue with the use of face masks, hand washing, the child should not attend school due to flu symptoms, disinfect the clothes when they arrive home, we have to continue with these care, and above all be vigilant to the symptoms and go to the consultation with the medical professional, ”he said.

As for health personnel, of the almost 50 positives for Covid until the first half of January, there are currently no cases.

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