Convict driver who crashed and killed man in pandemic

Convict driver who crashed and killed man in pandemic

Prosecutor Ingrid Cubilla, from Penal Unit No. 6 of Luque, obtained the sentence of 5 years in prison for a man for manslaughter and obstruction of compensation for damages in traffic accidents.

The fiscal agent, in the oral trial, achieved the conviction of Carlos Jorge Cristaldowho was in command of his vehicle in intoxicated when he caused the death of a motorcyclist.

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The complaint states that on May 9, 2020, in full Covid-19 pandemic, time when there were restrictions to circulate, he traveled aboard his vehicle completely drunkon the Gobernador Irala route from the city of Areguá, on the way to Luque.

Upon reaching the vicinity of a service station and noticing the police presence, He tried to escape from the place.

In his flight he made a improper overtaking maneuver in a curve and hit the motorcycle guided by César Andrés Trinidad, causing him to be thrown against a wall, which caused his death.

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The victim was on the way to his home after a long working day.

The Sentencing Court was chaired by Judge Gloria Garay and judges Marcelo Rodríguez Masi and Julio Granada were members.

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