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Conventional members of ANR repudiate submissiveness in Deputies

The Conventional delegates of the National Republican Association (ANR), on behalf of the United Conventional Coordinator, presented a note of repudiation to the party institution in repudiation of the attempted negotiation of the ruling sector, Colorado Añetete, with the opposition on the table directive of the Chamber of Deputies.

“We strongly repudiate the offer of the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies to the Liberal Party by the Vice President of the Republic, considering it an affront and a betrayal of the Colorado Party,” reads the document.

This position arose after yesterday, the same vice president and candidate of the Republican Force (former Añetete) Hugo Velázquez, came to the Chamber of Deputies to offer the Presidency to a liberal, which was recognized by the PLRA bloc itself.


The entrance Conventional members of ANR repudiate submissiveness in Deputies was first published in diary TODAY.

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