Convention: Barraza says that dialogue voices on the right have been bowing and Monckeberg asks the government for “good offices” with the left

Convention: Barraza says that dialogue voices on the right have been bowing and Monckeberg asks the government for "good offices" with the left

The majority rejection of the Political System report tensed the atmosphere in the Convention, and although there were mixed recriminations, everyone says they understand that rapid progress must be made towards an agreement that makes it possible to approve fundamental aspects of this proposal. The biggest knot, they recognize in the CC, is set in the powers that the Territorial Council or Chamber will have, where some advocate an asymmetric bicameralism and others to maintain powers that the Senate has today.

In the midst of this scenario, some constituents have carried out analyzes and projections, among them the RN constituent Cristián Monckeberg, who classified what happened in the plenary session on Friday as “paperless”, where only 3 articles out of 96 were approved. The former minister emphasized that “You have to understand that without a political system, without Congress, without a government, a project for a new Constitution is not possible. It doesn’t work,” for which he urged the government of President Gabriel Boric to take steps.

“The question is what is the government waiting for to display its good offices and get the left to talk. We, always available, but here it is the left that must order itself and must talk,” said Monckeberg.

On the other hand, the constituent of the Communist Party, Marcos Barraza, recognized that “the transforming forces have to make a greater effort to unite positions and that these positions converge in a socially transforming proposal.”

In the opinion of the former minister, that “does not exclude being aware or clear that the right within the CC has radicalized its position contrary to the agreements and has strengthened approaches that replicate the current Constitution of the civic-military dictatorship.”

“The voices of dialogue have been bowing to the interior of the right with respect to the right that does not want changes of any kind. The hegemony of the right that opposes the transformations has been imposed,” he said.

The next two weeks will be key for the Political System commission, coordinated by Rosa Catrileo (PP.OO.) and Ricardo Montero (PS), since it has 15 days to write a replacement report that will be voted on again by the Plenary. In addition to the formula of the Congress, the structure of the Executive is also without majorities, the same until now the idea of ​​recognizing social movements as political instances.

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