Conveagro denies the minister and confirms that lack of urea affects prices

Conveagro denies the minister and confirms that lack of urea affects prices

The president of Conveagro, Clímaco Cárdenas, denied the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Patricia Ocampo, and confirmed on Perú21 TV that the increase in (up to 230% so far this year, as confirmed by this medium) is a consequence of the lack of fertilizers.

Recently, Ocampo affirmed that the increase was due to external factors such as the increase in the cost of fuel and not due to the shortage of fertilizers. This, despite the fact that the government’s attempt to purchase urea has failed on three occasions.

The representative of He assured that there is between 20% and 30% less production and this is “due to an internal factor” and said that it is clear that this “has generated an increase in costs” for farmers.

Urea has had increases of more than 300% and that limits the use in the necessary quantity. We have also hoped that the State will support us with urea. We have been discussing the issue for 10 months and until today not a kilo has arrived in Peru”, he questioned.

For her part, the Coordinator of Projects and Public Policies of the Development Studies Network, Mónica Muñoz Nájar, affirmed that the would have no impact on reducing food prices and it would only constitute a monetary support to the farmers.


-The president of Conveagro indicated that they have not met with the head of Midagri in order to seek a solution to the problem faced by farmers.

-For next year, he estimated that the prices of corn, potato, lemon, vegetables and legumes could rise.

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