Controversy over the signing of a Juvenil de Estudiantes by Atlético: "greed could"

Controversy over the signing of a Juvenil de Estudiantes by Atlético: "greed could"

The Atlético de madrid he is always attentive to those young players who can be the stars of the future. Traditionally, the mattress club is usually very cautious and scrupulous in its ways when it goes to sign a foreign footballer who is a minor.

This is something that has been verified in recent years in cases such as those of Nicholas Schiappacasse either Juan Manuel Sanabriatwo Uruguayans signed while still underage but who did not arrive at the mattress club until they reached the age of majority.

In this case, the mattress club has also been 100% respectful of the regulations by acquiring a very promising player from students of La Plata, but that has not prevented the club’pincharata‘ has become extremely angry.

The youthful Gerónimo Spina (18 years old) leaves Estudiantes to go to Atlético de Madrid, according to what is referred to in various Argentine media

The Argentine club accused this Saturday the Atletico Madrid to snatch without “any permission” from the Geronimo Spina, “taking advantage of the legal vacuum”, and assured that “greed, the short-term view, the easy and petty business were stronger”, in a statement on their social networks, in which they express their “repudiation” for the action of the group Spanish.

“The club Atletico Madrid is snatching without any permission, a youth formed from a very young age in our Institution, thus taking advantage of the lack of legal protection that frames the issue, a situation well known by the youth spinaits environment and representation, as well as by the aforementioned Club Atletico de Madrid”he claimed.

“The repudiation of the decision made by the youthful Gerónimo Spina, his representation and environment, as well as the actions of the Club Atletico Madrid It’s absolute,” he added.

Under the title “Outburst and ingratitude”, the Argentine club states that “the youth Geronimo SpinasHe leaves the club ripped, snatched, but above all things, with a manifest ingratitude to everything provided by the Institution throughout its formation, and that is what hurts the most.

“Greed, the short-term outlook, the easy and petty business, were stronger than the possibility of growing up in a place that contained and trained him throughout his youth stage,” he remarked.

“Advised by his environment and representation, but fundamentally by his own will, the youth made the decision to go hidden and without permission through the back door of the La Plat Students Cluba”, added the Argentine entity.

“The uncertain and unscrupulous promises of those who represent youth is a constant threat faced by training clubs. The case spina It is NOT the exception”, the statement continues, in which it ensures that “students of La Plata fully provides itself in the training of its youth, not only from a sports perspective but also from a human perspective, investing in training, food and education”.

“Juveniles attend the first free of charge Baccalaureate for footballers of the country in the CCollege Students of La Plata. They are trained both in sports and in human terms, within a club that for more than 100 years has stood out in the comprehensive training of its athletes,” he reviewed.

“Today we are faced with a case that leaves us perplexed and does nothing more than manifest our ingratitude for the comprehensive training provided. The greedy opportunism to leave without any permission from the place that trained him, and taking advantage of the legal vacuum, does not at all reflect the values ​​that the La Plata Students Clubhe stressed.

“There are plenty of good examples of those players who dignify the history of our club. The sense of belonging is the registered trademark that distinguishes us. Countless footballers trained in the institution, many who have triumphed in the main leagues of the world, do nothing more than being at the club’s disposal for whatever is needed, and that is ultimately what embraces us and makes us reconfirm the path we have chosen over the years”, he added.

“We trust our trainers and our athletes, understanding that what happened with the youthful Spina is nothing more than a bad example and the exception to the extensive and rich history of the Estudiantes de La Plata Club,” he concluded.

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