“Blue and white is above red and black,” says AUN, on National Flag Day

In commemoration of Nicaraguan Flag Day, the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) pointed out that “the blue and white colors are the ones that unite Nicaragua.”

Referring to the political crisis that the country is experiencing and where citizens have been criminalized for carrying the national flag, the organization stated, through its Twitter account, that “democracy, justice, freedom, progress and true peace” continue to be demanded. .

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Regarding the red and black flag, of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front party, which the dictatorship has put above the blue and white since Daniel Ortega returned to power in 2007, AUN said that “sooner or later the red and black of death will stop trampling the blue and white.

For his part, the student activist and former politician Max Sherry said to Article 66 that the Nicaraguan flag has become a symbol of resistance, but it is also perceived “as a symbol of threat and subversion by a dictatorship —of Ortega— that has wanted to implement and continue with authoritarian power, represented by the colors of the red and black flag.

“I think it is important to commemorate this date because it reminds us that the only flag that covers all Nicaraguans, beyond political ideologies and partisan differences, is blue and white,” he added.

He also stated that there will be no way for Nicaraguans to allow themselves to be subdued “by a party flag that does not represent us or belong to us (…) The only thing the red and black represents is death, murder, pain and mourning.”

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According to the provisions of Article 35 of Decree Law No. 1908, Law on Characteristics and Use of National Symbols, in Nicaragua each July 14 celebrates National Flag Day, however, repressive actions against opponents, human rights defenders, the Catholic Church and journalists have overshadowed this day.

Since 2018, the Nicaraguan opposition has been known by the name of the “Blue White”, due to the fact that in the different protest activities they used the country’s flag, which provoked a reaction from the Ortega administration, undertaking its attack even with chimbombas that the self-summoned citizens launched into the streets.

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