Consult which operator to collect the Familias en Acción subsidy

Consult which operator to collect the Familias en Acción subsidy

The new financial operators for the delivery of incentives from Families in Action they will be Movii and Super Spins. This, from the first payment cycle of 2022.

(The subsidies that were created in a pandemic and are still ‘alive’).

Social Prosperity carried out the selection and contracting process of the financial operators through Colombia Compra Eficiente. “We guarantee that all households will receive their incentive at the established times. This is just an operational change in the delivery mechanism,” said director Susana Correa.

(Government expands Solidarity Income program as of March).

According to the entity, based on geographic location and bank presence, the country’s municipalities were divided into four groups: group one had 290 municipalities, group two had 324 municipalities and Bogotá DC, group three had 214 municipalities, and group four had 277 municipalities.

Holders of the Familias en Acción program can consult which will be the operatorr in your municipality here.

In this way, the operator Movii will deliver the resources in 828 municipalities, through the mobile application, which allows cash withdrawals, payments for public services, payments in stores, transfers to other electronic wallet accounts and international money orders.

To do this, you must follow the following indications:

1. Download the Movii app on your phone.
2. Enter the register option.
3. Enter your cell phone number and click on receive SMS.
4. Choose your identity document (follow the verification steps).
5. Enter your email. Leave the referral field empty.
6. Accept the contract, a copy will be sent to your email.
7. Create a password to enter the app.

For its part, SuperSpins will deliver the subsidies only through the transfer modality in 277 municipalities. This operator has a wide service network nationwide to serve the people in the program.

For more information see here.


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