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Consulate of Spain in Cuba enables appointments to request first passports

MADRID, Spain.- The Consulate of Spain in Cuba enabled new appointments for the application of the first passport of Cubans who recently obtained Spanish citizenship, registered in the consular registry until April 30, 2022.

According to official information published by the diplomatic headquarters, those interested in obtaining it must be registered in the Consular Registration Registry and personally attend the Consular Office, pay the fee and present the required documents.

Documents required for the first passport application

  • previous passport
  • Valid ID, if you have it
  • If you do not have any of the two previous documents or if these have expired for 3 years or more, birth certificate issued for the sole purpose of obtaining a passport. This document must be issued by the competent Spanish Civil Registry in the 6 months prior to the passport application.
  • 1 recent photograph (32 x 26 mm), on a white background, taken from the front, without dark glasses or clothing that prevents the identification of the person
  • Original and photocopy of the residence card issued by the local authorities
  • Fee payment. The amount of the fee is 845 CUP and must be paid in cash on the day of the appointment

Regarding the procedure to obtain the passport, the entity informed that the form of Passport Application. In the event that the person is already registered as a resident, they must present the form of “Application for registration as a resident”.

The documentation includes the original and a copy of the current identity document that guarantees your residence in Cuba. In case of renewals, the original and photocopy of the previous passport.

“In response to the high demand for the passport application service, in order to facilitate the management of appointments, these will be published one day of the week and starting at 8 am Cuban time,” the information indicates.

For those who make their first passport application, the appointments for those in the 1st group (Enrolled in this Consular Registry in 2019) and the 2nd group (Enrolled in this Consular Registry in 2020) will be published on Thursdays. On Wednesdays, the appointments of those in the 3rd group (registered in this Consular Registry in 2021 and until 04-30-2022) will be published.

In case of not being able to attend the appointment, the user must cancel it. If you do not do so and do not attend on the appointed day, the system establishes a suspension period of two months during which you will not be able to obtain a new appointment.

Visas for tourist trips to Spain

Last week the Government of Spain eliminated the restriction due to COVID-19 imposed on residents of Cuba who wished to apply for tourist visas to travel to this European country.

“Cubans who wish to travel to Spain for family visits, commercial, cultural, sports, tourist trips, airport transits, etc., do not require CEFRONT authorization (National Center for the Coordination of Border Posts) from this moment on. Its processing is free and is subject to booking an appointment. reported the Consulate of Spain in Havana.

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